Aceso+ helps you focus on your patient

With Aceso+, you’ll find convenience and automation in every detail. The system’s intelligent auto-positioning function with automatic detector tracking enables fast and accurate patient setup. The large touch screen allows you to adjust exposure settings at the patient side before and quick image preview directly after the exam.

Straightforward, automated operation
The system’s advanced auto-positioning and tracking capability allows you to focus on your patient. A manual override easily and quickly adjusts the lightweight system to your needs.

Intuitive touch tube interface
From patient ID verification to system setting and image preview directly after the image acquisition – with Aceso’s large touch tube interface you remain in control at all times.

An adaptable solution for all needs
Up to 8 fixed or wireless detectors can be used with Aceso to provide optimal patient positioning, imaging flexibility and reach throughout your entire facility.

Full auto-positioning, easy operation
Fully motorized auto-positioning provides servo tracking to both the wall stand and table for fast and effortless precision positioning.