Canon Medical Streamlines Workflow and Enhances Patient Experience with MR Software Upgrades

New MR Software Features Showcased at ECR 2019

Vienna, Feb. 28, 2019 Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V. introduces new software features to enable clinicians to further streamline workflow by consolidating the usual processes of MR exams, saving time while helping to provide a better patient experience.

  • SUREVOI Knee and KneeLine+ allows clinicians to do quick automated localizing scans of the knees to allow for improved workflow. The automated software analysis automatically aligns anatomy for over 95 percent accuracy in determination and placement of standard knee view scans in just one step.
  • WFS DIXON allows clinicians to take four contrasts in just one scan on FSE sequence, including in-phase, opposed , water and fat images. This simultaneous acquisition of standard and fat-suppressed images in a single scan can show uniform fat-suppression in difficult-to-shim areas. The new software is especially significant for workflow in spine and orthopedic MR exams.
  • Quick Star has novel applications that allow for free breathing image acquisition in regions that traditionally require patients to hold their breath. Radial data acquisitions that help with the reduction of artifacts related to motion in the abdomen and any kind of internal motion also allow exams to be completed with fewer breath holds and greater patient comfort.


These new workflow enhancements are available on the Vantage Galan 3T systems, as well as on the newly launched Vantage Orian 1.5T. “The new MRI software enhancements help to expand the versatility of MR even further with faster and higher resolution images so that physicians don’t have to sacrifice image quality or patient comfort for speed,” said Dirk Berneking, Senior Manager of the MR Business Unit at Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.. “With the help of this new advanced imaging technology, health care providers can produce accurate images, while continuing to provide a quick and comfortable exam experience for their patients.”

Canon Medical is showcasing its MRI workflow improvement technologies at this year’s ECR in Vienna, February 28 – March 03, 2019 (Expo X3).

Vantage Galan 3T

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  1. Jack J.F. Hoogendoorn – Senior Manager Marketing, Canon Medical Systems Europe ( | +31 6 51 86 11 92)
  2. Joerg Schlegel – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Canon Medical Systems Europe ( | +31 6 43 07 33 42)

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