Getting to the heart of the matter

Meet Aplio i900. Engineered to help you get the information you need to make confident decisions quickly, Aplio i900 elevates cardiovascular imaging to a new level of imaging precision, diagnostic performance and productivity. >>>

Magic inside

Crystal-clear images with enhanced resolution and penetration as well as an abundance of expert tools help you get your diagnostic answer quickly and reliably. >>>

The perfect fit

Combining superior imaging with exceptional ease of use and a wide range of expertools, Aplio i700 is designed to optimally meet your clinical needs at all times. >>>


Complete flexibility, outstanding quality

Combined with a full host of easy-to-use tools for advanced diagnostics and precise interventional work, Aplio i600 ensures diagnostic confidence and superior productivity. >>>


Ultra high resolution CT

  • New tube with industry smallest focal spot
  • New 0.25 x 160 rows – Industry smallest
  • New miniturized DAS components
  • New gantry & couch with 2x tighter tolerance >>>

Transforming CT

GENESIS Edition maximizes the patient experience during CT examinations, and through intelligent examination protocols, provides excellent image quality with low radiation and contrast dose tailored to each and every patient. >>>

Complete clinical capability

From fast patient throughput to robust cardiac scanning and new diagnostic capabilities, the new Aquilion Prime SP is a CT system of choice for all your imaging needs. >>>


Vantage Elan





Infinix-i Core

For hospitals challenged to do more with less, Infinix-i Core is the right shared lab solution. The system satisfies today’s interventional cardiology and radiology demands with the ability to upgrade some capabilities in the future for a wider range of procedures. >>>

Infinix Floor MountedInfinix_i_Core+_RGB_WEB2

Infinix-i Core +

Infinix-i Core + C-arm systems with the flexibility of ceiling mounted systems thanks to its innovative 5 –Axis positioner for maximal projection flexibility and optimal patient access. >>>

Infinix Ceiling MountedInfinix_i_Sky_RGB_WEB2

Infinix-i Sky

Infinix-i Sky C-arms with the large 30x40cm flat panel detector is our flagship for interventional angiography. >>>

Infinix-i Sky+

With its unique dual c-arm Infinix-i Sky + provides ultrafast whole body coverage, free head access and a unique lateral c-arm stroke for better ergonomics, improved productivity and stunning 3D images from head to toe. >>>

Infinix Biplane

INFINIX-i Biplane

Combining the exceptional flexibility of our floor- and ceiling-mounted positioners, the biplane is a great choice for pediatric, vascular and neuro diagnostic and interventional imaging. >>>

Infinix HybridInfinix_i_Hybrid_RGB_WEB2


Canon Medical’s Infinix-i systems are designed for unmatched flexible C-arm positioning and clinical versatility.

Infinix-i Hybrid (Maquet)
Infinix-i Hybrid (Trumpf)


Canon Medical’s Infinix-i systems are designed for unmatched flexible C-arm positioning and clinical versatility.

Infinix-i Hybrid+ (Maquet)
Infinix-i Hybrid+ (Trumpf)


Canon’s groundbreaking new Infinix-i 4DCT supports you in bridging the gap between the interventional lab and CT with one seamlessly integrated solution for the ultimate in patient care. >>>


Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Vitrea® Advanced Visualization is a modularviewing platform that provides a broad range of functions with the option of adding more functionality when you need it. >>>