Educational Workshops

Canon Medical is offering a series of educational workshops for radiologists throughout ECR 2020. Each mentored workshop is preceded by a short lecture providing an overview on data acquisition, clinical use and image interpretation for the specific clinical topic. The workshop language is English.

Educational workshops will take place in room 0.14 (entrance level)
During each session, clinical cases and studies will be discussed with the audience. In selected sessions interactive live demonstrations of specific imaging techniques will be performed on volunteers and/or phantoms. Each workshop will be concluded with a Q&A. Sessions will be held in a theater-style auditorium with a maximum of 63 seats.

Educational workshops will take place in room 0.16 (entrance level)
Clinical cases will be analyzed and interpreted by participants on the workstations provided. The maximum number of participants per session is 30 (2 participants per workstation). Personnel will assist operating the workstations when required.

After the deadline you can register onsite for all our sessions. The registration desk can be found in front of the rooms 0.14 and 0.16 (see floorplan).