Satellite Symposium

Advanced Ultrasound techniques in daily clinical practice

Date: Thursday, December 5, 2019
Time: 12:45 – 13:45
Room: room Shoenberg

Prof. F. Knebel, University of Berlin, Germany
Prof. T. Binder, University of Vienna, Austria

Lecture 1

”How to apply advanced imaging technologies for routine examinations” 
Prof. M. Zuber, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Lecture 2

”To compete or not to compete? Imaging in sports cardiology decision making”
Dr. G. Pieles, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Prof. M. Sitges, Clinico Barcelona, Spain

Lecture 3

”Clinical cases using state of the art imaging techniques” 
Prof. T. Binder, University of Vienna, Austria

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CT-UL Fusion

Vitrea UL workstation – Multi-modality capabilities

Vitrea is multimodality. Our suite of advanced applications provide full-powered solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D advanced visualization used to process and analyze clinical data from multiple modalities – CT, MR, XA, PET, US and SPECT.

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