Innovation 2016 – Canon Rolls Out Version 6 Upgrade, Enhances Aplio Platinum Ultrasound Platform

VIENNA – Canon Medical Systems Europe is launching the Innovation 2016 upgrade for the Aplio Platinum line of ultrasound systems – an impressive portfolio of premium features assembled over the past 12 months – and visitors to the ECR (European Congress of Radiology) March 2-6 in Vienna will get a first-hand look and feel at the company’s leading-edge technologies.

Assembled as a toolkit for clinicians, Innovation 2016 upgrade brings new capabilities to radiologists using the Aplio Platinum line in everyday practices, including 3D Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging (SMI), 3D Shear Wave Elastography, Fusion Imaging and Real-Time 3D Needle Tracking.

“Providing these enhancements delivers on Canon’s commitment to putting customers first by continuously adding value to the existing platform through upgrades with the most advanced technology available”, said Christoph Simm, Ultrasound Business Manager of Canon Medical Systems Europe.

SMI is considered a game-changer since it allows clinicians to see smaller vessels in and around tumors, inflamed tissues, lymph nodes and other structures because of visualization of low velocity flow far beyond the conventional Doppler techniques. Significantly, visualization of microvasculature is improved without the need for contrast agents.

Another important feature is enhanced Smart Fusion imaging on the Aplio 500 Platinum Series combined with the new Real-Time 3D Needle Tracking. The combination can greatly extend a clinic’s ability to respond to increasing demand for biopsies and ablations of tumors. Once the CT or MRI data is loaded into the Aplio system, the image-fusion guided procedure can be performed under real-time ultrasound control in a very convenient and quick set-up wherever a patient can be correctly positioned. There is no longer a need to wait for a theater with an intraoperative CT or MRI when using Smart Fusion imaging and Real-Time 3D Needle Tracking.

Shear Wave Elastography has been integrated into the Aplio Platinum platform, making a significant clinical impact by adding unique features for mapping and quantifying tissue elasticity via shear wave propagation. Clinicians are able to better diagnose and document disease because the new enhancement displays simultaneous views of the shear wave propagation  in a region of interest with the absolute value of elasticity, giving them confidence in the quality and reliability of the exam. In the Innovation 2016 version, shear wave elasticity maps can be measured even in 3D.

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To learn more about the Innovation 2016 with the Version 6 upgrade for the Aplio Platinum line of ultrasound systems and Canon Medical Systems Europe, visit our booth 320 in Expo X2 and join our lunch symposium and our hands-on workshops.

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