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Smart, fast, accurate CT simulation

While the prevalence of cancer is expected to rise sharply, accurate radiation therapy planning plays a key role in positively impacting survival rates. Introducing the all-new Aquilion Exceed LB.

An advanced radiation oncology solution

With its large bore, the Aquilion Exceed LB enables you to easily position your patients with extraordinary precision. Its powerful AI-based imaging technologies and advanced treatment-specific features allow for an efficient radiation oncology workflow without compromising on patient position, image quality, or reproducibility.

See the bigger picture with a new wide-bore CT

Transforming radiation oncology, the Aquilion Exceed LB has a 90 cm wide bore, edge-to-edge extended reconstruction, and Canon Medical’s Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Reconstruction technology, so you can quickly obtain sharp, clear, distinct images with excellent delineation.

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Experience an intelligent radiation oncology workflow

Enhance your productivity and maximize your clinical capabilities at every stage. From acquisition to simulation, the Aquilion Exceed LB has the latest tools and applications for quick patient set-up and respiratory motion management.

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Broaden your business horizons with a new oncology care solution

The Aquilion Exceed LB is a smart, efficient solution designed to enhance your operations and expand your clinical capabilities to deliver a tailored approach in oncology care.

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