Introducing the ease of X-ray in CT

Thanks to GENESIS Edition, CT scans can now be performed with the simplicity of conventional X-ray. Laser collimation allows the field of view and scan range to be set directly on the gantry. Patients are positioned more comfortably. Examinations are performed faster and with reduced radiation dose.

Making your workflow

GENESIS Edition helps to make complex exams easier, reducing dose and improving diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility. All steps from exam planning to reconstruction and postprocessing can be combined in the same protocol. So simply selecting from the wide range of pre- or user-defined protocols is all that’s needed to achieve rapid and robust results.


Economize on space, not on performance

GENESIS Edition is smaller, lighter, and requires less power than any other premium CT system. Designed for an installation space of just 19 m2, GENESIS Edition can be installed in most existing CT rooms, avoiding costly renovations.

The compact design also provides more in-room space for trauma or interventional procedures.

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