Precision, control and an amazingly clear picture

Aplio™ 400 delivers in every way. Ensuring every examination has an optimal result, it provides you with unsurpassed image quality, superior productivity, and an ergonomic workplace with fully customizable console. Specialist tools, expert volume imaging functions and groundbreaking quantification options allow you to build your Aplio to perfectly suit your clinical needs at all times.

Aplio just got even better



Enjoy the perfect picture

Using the best image quality allowing diagnosis to happen quickly and with confidence. >>>

Normal Kidney

Seeing the unseen

Expand the range of visible blood flow with Canon’s innovative Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging (SMI) technology. >>>

Spina bifida


Helping you identify pathological changes and skin defects better and with greater clarity. >>>

Benign thyroid module


Aplio provides you with a complete set of tools to increase your diagnostic confidence. >>>

Fully programmable console

a system that fully adjusts

Customize Aplio to suit your clinical needs and personal preferences. >>>

Cartoid workflow protocol


From imaging to quantification, from reporting to archiving, Canon provides a full-spectrum solution. >>>