At Canon we believe that only the best image quality allows a diagnosis to happen quickly and with confidence. Each of our unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality by reducing noise, strengthening signal and improving ­visualization. Aplio’s revolutionary High Density Beamformer uses the most advanced digital signal processing to control the ­ultrasonic beams more precisely and flexibly than any other system.

Left Ventricle

Tissue Enhancement

Combined with Pulse Subtraction Tissue Harmonic Imaging technology, Aplio’s Tissue Enhancement function delivers ultrasonic images of stunning smoothness and clarity. While it suppresses noise effectively, Tissue Enhancement improves image uniformity and endocardial border delineation dramatically, especially in difficult-to-image patient.

Aortic Valve

Transesophageal Imaging

Canon’s TEE transducers for adult and pediatric use are designed to provide outstanding robustness and reliability. Their flexible, yet stable shafts are easy to insert, and thanks to their high-performance ceramics, the probes deliver exceptional ­images in all modes including spectral and color Doppler as well as pulsed wave TDI. Depending on your preference, Aplio can be equipped with a motorized or manual transducer.

Mitral regurgitation

Doppler Technology

Aplio’s wideband transducer and signal processing technology delivers outstanding sensitivity, penetration and spatial resolution for all Doppler modes, allowing you to depict small jets and complex flow patterns with ease. The system’s robust auto-trace function assists you to produce quantitative measurement results reliably and quickly.

RV Free Wall

Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI)

Tissue Doppler is a standard tool to assess the diastolic function of both the left and the right heart. Aplio provides you with high frame rate Tissue Doppler images and high quality Pulsed-Wave-TDI traces for a precise timing of cardiac events in both visual and quantitative formats.

Designed to minimize operator stress and to increase efficiency, our lightweight transducers ­feature outstanding clinical ­versatility, ergonomic shapes and thin, super-flexible cables.