Portability without limits

With outstanding portability, Viamo sv7 enables you to provide immediate and comprehensive imaging to your patients at the point of care. With a battery offering up to 3 hours of imaging capability and 256 GB memory capacity, Viamo sv7 is always ready to perform in any situation.

Viamo sv7 offers highly intuitive operation and workflow. Imaging is made easy with a comprehensive range of clinical presets and workflow automation tools, especially useful in hectic point of care situations. Simple touch screen controls ensure that the system is easy to use from the very start.

Viamo sv7 provides instant imaging capability in critical care situations, in the OR or interventional suite.

Viamo sv7 brings ultrasound imaging directly to your patient’s bedside or any other location on- or off-site.

With its wide range of dedicated presets and transducers, Viamo sv7 can be shared throughout the entire department.

As a fully mobile system Viamo sv7 easily travels with you to satellite locations to provide high-quality, reliable imaging.

Ultrasound-guided vascular access can help prevent perioperative complications at the point of care.

Every exam seamlessly documented

Viamo sv7 is equipped with a comprehensive patient and image management system, wireless DICOM and extensive export functions. Data can be easily merged into departmental servers no matter where the exam is performed.

A complete solution – from daily routine through to complex clinical needs Viamo sv7 delivers much more than just guiding a procedure or quick confirmation scans. As a fully featured ultrasound system Viamo sv7 delivers powerful imaging capability and a seamless integration into your departmental workflow when portability and space are at a premium.

Instant image optimization

QuickScan automatically optimizes the image with a simple push of a button so you can achieve greater consistency in your exams in less time.

Protocol-guided exams

The protocol assist function provides a reliable method to ensure exams are done consistently and with ease. Once activated, a clear, easy-to-read menu will guide you step by step through a given exam.

Built-in camera

To further enhance ease of use, the system’s built-in camera can be used to visually document in-situ findings, to scan barcodes for patient registration, or simply to substitute body marks.