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Getting pregnant is not always easy. Our Women’s Health range provides a wide range of tools including photorealistic 3D rendering, follicle assessment and Fly Thru virtual hysteroscopy for efficient screening, in-depth investigation and treatment. For your patients this means getting results faster, more reliable and less invasive.

The systems’ automated follicle count software largely benefits from the high image quality, allowing for fast and accurate determination of the amount and size the follicles.

Our Women’s Health range provides high-quality images with outstanding contrast resolution, helping you to assess thickness, texture and delineation of the endometrium with ease.

High-quality, high-resolution volumetric imaging can help evaluating pregnancies already in the first stages of life as shown in this dichorionic twin pregnancy at 9 weeks with clearly defined septum between both sacs.

Luminance offers natural-looking 3D renderings of high quality and definition, providing strong visual feedback on depth and detail from the first trimester onwards.

Combine both anatomical structure and vascular flow with Shadow Glass. Adding a semi-transparent glass effect to the skin surface, it helps you reveal more clinical detail.

MultiView is an effective tool for the assessment of complex structures. The function allows you to cut a given volume in any direction to reveal high-resolution off-axis views that can further enhance your diagnostic confidence.

Evaluating the fetal heart and brain

Evaluation of the fetal heart and brain has become increasingly important for the early detection of fetal anomalies. Outstanding detail and resolution combined with powerful clinical applications such as SMI, freehand 3D and Smart Fusion allow you to perform every examination at the highest possible standard.

Smart fetal heart helps you improve workflow and consistency of exams by extracting multiple standard views or a series of slices from 3D data of the fetal heart in an instant.

Wall Motion Tracking for fetal heart is an advanced tool to quantitatively assess ventricular function and myocardial viability. Parameters include strain, strain rate and standard ejection fraction values.

Aplio allows you to determine the Myocardial Performance Index (MPI) and other timings of a fetal heart based on standard Tissue Doppler, making it a practical tool for advanced imaging with high temporal resolution and low angle dependency.

Smart 3D and Sensor 3D allow you to acquire accurate 3D volumes with a standard linear or convex transducer, also in SMI mode.

For a more comprehensive evaluation, Aplio’s Smart Fusion option allows you to display the live ultrasound image in sync with pre-loaded MR or previously acquired ultrasound data.

 Increase your confidence, expand your capability

Early detection and reliable characterization of findings help optimize your patients’ clinical pathway. Aplio’s extensive suite of advanced imaging and quantification functions can help you obtain definite answers quickly and with confidence.

Aplio provides a wealth of tools to improve visualization of complex anatomy in 2D and volumetric formats – also in combination with advanced imaging modes such as Shadow Glass, SMI or elastography.

Occluded fallopian tubes are a common cause of infertility. Our Women’s Health range makes it easy to apply HyCoSy to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes, as well as to detect abnormalities of the uterus and endometrium.

Dedicated transducers, imaging fusion and navigation tools help you enhance confidence and accuracy while localizing structures such as endometriotic nodules, during interventional procedures and their follow-up.

Aplio’s comprehensive elastography suite with raw data functionality assists you in localizing and assessing suspicious masses with high accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility.

Soar through cavities, ducts and vessels with FlyThru. Similar to virtual endoscopy, the tool allows you to explore lesions and masses and to plan interventional procedures.

Canon Medical’s shear wave technology provides a quantitative measure and realtime display of tissue elasticity in a variety of clinical settings ranging from abdominal to small parts examinations