More clinical detail in less time

Only the best image quality allows you to make a diagnosis quickly and with confidence. Each of Xario’s unique imaging technologies provides you with better clarity and resolution by reducing noise, strengthening signal and improving visualization. Canon Medical Systems’ distinctive iStyle+ Productivity Suite enables faster exams and greater productivity by minimizing keystrokes, improving workflow and raising the consistency of exams.

Imaging technologies like Precision and Aplipure have been migrated across the range to provide clarity and detail every time. These Imaging technologies are designed to work in harmony to ensure that every image provides the highest possible level of clinical information to enable a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Xario 100G provides a number of Vascular tools to meet the needs of the busy clinician including colour, ADF and pulse wave.

The wide range of transducers, includes the availability of High frequency imaging up to 18 MHz, giving exceptional clarity and fine detail in MSK imaging.