The new retinal imaging reality

Since COVID-19, the requirement of physical distancing during patient examinations is the new “reality” in Eye Care practices.
The reason why Canon Medical Eye Care Modality has been investigating several solutions for you and your patient safety while performing an OCT eye examination.
Canon Xephilio OCT-A1 will allow you to have multiple possibilities to operate the device in a completely safe way, mainly due to the fact that the device does not require a joystick and can be operated from any PC and with just a few clicks!
Your patients will also appreciate seeing that the examinations can be done safely from a few meters away, or even from another room or location.

Operator and patient are in the same room but at a safe distance

The operator simply operates the OCT from a different desk which can easily be 2 meters away! Only a longer monitor cable and USB extension cables for mouse and keyboard are required. Or simply use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Alternatively, the operator can operate the OCT-A1 from a tablet PC over the network. This tablet PC uses a remote desktop solution to communicate with the PC that controls the OCT. This provides the operator with the possibility to keep a safe social distance and allows for easy communication with the patient. A solution that gives a lot of flexibility.

Remote examinations


The OCT-A1 can also be operated from another room in the hospital or even in different locations.

With a remote desktop solution, the OCT can be operated over the hospital network or internet. The monitoring and communicating with the patient can be done remotely with standard popular video meeting software