Fast and accurate MR solutions for improving productivity and patient care.

Olea Medical’s comprehensive, automated and multi-vendor technologies are designed to seamlessly integrate into clinical workflows, enhance collaboration, and optimize the evaluation methodology for many pathologies with instant qualitative and quantitative parameters.


  • No-click access to quantitative and qualitative information
    1. CBV corrected and permeability maps computation
    2. ADC mapping
  • DTI assessment: fused fiber tracts with conventional maps
  • Quantitative and qualitative follow-up: temporal subtraction map (proprietary)
  • ASL computing


  • Intuitive multi-parametric user interface
  • Standardized reports
  • ADC and diffusion mapping
  • Synthetic diffusion maps generation (proprietary)
  • Graphical kinetics assessment

Women’s health

  • Didactic reporting assistant (based on BI-RADS® ATLAS report)
  • Breast MR dedicated application
  • Automatic metrics computation
  • Graphical kinetics assessment

Sport Medicine

  • T2 mapping computation
  • Volume computation
  • Threshold T2 maps


  • Phase-contrast blood flow
  • T2-weighted analysis
  • T2/T2* mapping, T1 mapping
  • Volume measurement with automated contouring