With the Vantage Titan 3T, Canon offers a state-of-the-art MRI system that incorporates a wide bore without compromising image quality. The scanner is quiet because of the Pianissimo technology which features vacuum-enclosed gradients. The intuitive M-Power graphical user interface enables fast, simple and effective operation of the scanner.

The Canon Vantage Titan series provides unsurpassed patient comfort by combining a short 1.6 meter magnet with a large 71 cm opening to reduce patient anxiety and to allow 80% of the body to be scanned feet first.

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The widest…



What do 71 cm bring in practice?

  • More comfort for your patients
  • Help against claustrophobia
  • More space to fit patients of all sizes
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Easy check-on and access-to your patient
  • Ideal for paediatrics and geriatrics
  • Ideal for breast imaging

The quietest…

Acoustic noise is an important source of problems on
conventional 3T systems:

  • It impairs communication with the patient
  • It causes patient discomfort
  • It can induce transient or permanent hearing disturbance
  • It poses a hazard for pediatric patients who need sedation
The quietest

But did you know that brain function requires additional attention resources under noisier conditions? Today, knowledge of the sound pressure level of acoustic noise during fMRI studies is crucial!

Canon’s unique Pianissimo technology has been further improved and applied to provide the quietest 3T system on the market.

How does Pianissimo work?

  • The gradient coil is vacuum-sealed. In absence of an atmosphere, the coil cannot transmit sound.
  • Soft pulse sequences eliminate sharp edges in gradient waveforms, reducing acoustic noise
  • It incorporates special insulation between the gradient coil and the magnet to dampen sound and minimize the vibrations transmitted to the magnet.