With the Atlas matrix coil concept the number of coil elements and number of receiver channels are optimized with the maximum scan FoV. A 50 cm longitudinal scan FoV can incorporate 32 elements which can be fed to a 16-channel receiver system for improved SNR or to a 32-channel received system for high parallel imaging factors.

Easy coil handling

  • Sliding spine coil, integrated in the couch top
  • Light-weight, flexible body coil (up to 3 parallel coils)
  • Splitable head coil with optimized attachments

Versatile coil combinations

  • Automatic coils selection (AS compass)
  • 9 coil connectors on the couch

High SPEEDER factors

  • Up to 32 elements in the FoV

Multisized elements

  • Anatomically optimized elements
  • Small center elements for high resolution
  • Large peripheral elements for high sensitivity
Atlas Coils


Based on the innovative Atlas matrix coil concept Canon developed an economic version using the similar conceptual matrix design approach. This became the Octave matrix coil concept in which the number of elements was reduced without compromising image quality. For body imaging, the Octave spine coil can be combined with the 4-channel Flex coil or with the Atlas body coil for larger coverage.

Octave SPEEDER head/neck coil

  • 11 elements
  • 22 cm inner diameter
  • Tiltable with optional wedge

Octave SPEEDER spine coil

  • Sliding spine coil, integrated in the couchtop
  • 12 elements
  • 47 x 78 cm
  • 120 cm scanable range for CTL spine when combined with the Octave head coil

Octave Coil
Octave Coil
Octave Coil


Speeder Coil

Shoulder coil – 6 channels, semi-flexible, comfortable patient position. Can also be used for knee, elbow, and ankle.

Speeder Coil

Knee coil – 8 channels, 18 cm inner diameter, lateral sliding mechanism, upper part can be removed.

Speeder Coil

Hand/Wrist coil – 12 elements, 6 channels, hand and wrist mode, ­lateral or isocentric position, foldable.

Speeder Coil

XL-Knee coil – 6 channels, transmit/receive coil, 22 cm inner ­diameter, lateral sliding mechanism, upper part can be removed. Can also be used for pediatrics.


16ch Flex Coil

16-channel Flex medium coil – Omni-directional, flexible, comfortable patient positioning, 24 x 40 cm wrap.

16ch Flex Coil

16-channel Flex large coil – Omni-directional, flexible, comfortable patient positioning, 24 x 70 cm wrap.

32ch Pediatric Cable

32-channel pediatric cradle – Two Flex medium coils combined in
a pediatric support for very detailed infant examinations.


4-channel Flex coil – Omni-directional, flexible, comfortable patient positioning, 23 x 52 cm wrap.


Mammography 2
Mammography 3
Mammography 4

8-channel breast SPEEDER coil – 8 channels, can be equipped with biopsy tools, extra large access for biopsies, coil elements can be individually positioned.

mBreast package – Dynamic contrast-enhanced ­examinations, diffusion measurements, silicone imaging ­combined with the DRKS package also 3D-FFE keyhole imaging, time-intensity curves.


When the MRI scanner is equipped with 32 receiver channels, the 32-element cardiac coil can be used. With the small octagonal ­elements it is a very high density coil enabling the use of high SPEEDER factors, improving temporal resolution.


32 ch Cardiac coil

  • High resolution
  • High density
  • 34 x 44 cm
  • Light-weight

mCardiac package

  • CINE studies
  • Realtime CINE studies
  • First-pass during rest and stress
  • Late enhancement (2D and 3D)
  • Echo-Navigator coronary angio

CAAS package

  • Cardiac analysis
    • EF, SV,SVI,CO &CI
    • ED & ES volume calculation
    • Body surface area
    • Volume over time
    • Wall motion

  • Cine display
  • Cardiac perfusion
  • Delayed enhancement analysis