Improve treatment planning and post-operative follow-up with OrthoMod3D without the need for changing your clinical routine or your existing installation

The system’s multiparametric 3D representation enables a better assessment of spinal and pelvic posture, improves evaluation of corrective treatment results and provides deeper insights in the mechanisms of pathology progression.

OrthoMod3D  provides additional information on spinal torsion and twist that are impossible to evaluate in 2D. Showing a complete spinal view in 3D helps you to evaluate spine deformities in cases such as scoliosis, kyphosis, vertebral compression,  dorsopathy, posture and balance anomalies.



Both the frontal and sagittal X-ray and optical images are analyzed to create a detailed 3D model of spine and pelvis


Imaging fusion of X-ray and optical data provides detailed high-definition results and the unique combination of the spine superimposed on the surface image of the patient’s back.


In addition to the deformation angles, OrthoMod3D  provides quantitative information on intervertebral rotation for each vertebra in axial, sagittal and frontal directions.