An intuitive interface. This breakthrough feature enables the Xantara control system to integrate the mechanical movements of the table and the generator settings into one intuitive, efficient interface raising workflow efficiency to a new level.

Intelligent Console

Xantara’s intelligent console enables you to match the system settings to the examination provided in the patient work list at the touch of a button. SID , grid, generator, filters, table tilting and tube angulations are linked to the APR and are automatically set, significantly improving workflow and optimizing dose.

Low Dose Design

Excellent images, low-dose design

Xantara’s 43 x 43 cm large field-of-view dynamic flat panel detector with highly efficient CsI scintillator and 16 bit extended dynamic range ensures extraordinary image quality at low dose with up to 30 frames per second.

Intuitive Console

Intuitive control console

The system’s innovative control panel has a large color touch screen enabling automatic, independent and ‘all-in-one’ monitoring of all table movements, whilst offering efficient management of the generator and unrestricted APR.

Anti Collision Control

Intelligent 3D anti-collision control

Xantara’s intelligent 3D anti-collision control system included in the motor axis controller calculates and controls all movements in real-time and offers synchronized simultaneous movement for all axes, expediting examinations.

A better experience

Providing a better experience

Ambient light and a pre-installed music selection are available on the system to create a calming atmosphere for the patient. This can be particularly helpful while carrying out extended procedures or pediatric examinations.

Touch Screen Collimator

Touch screen collimator

The optional touch screen console located in the system’s collimator enables you to control collimator, patient table and tube column settings directly at patient-side, helping you to improve workflow for instance in musculoskeletal imaging.

Remote Control

Remote control

The optional infrared remote control provides an additional layer of flexibility and control in setting the desired position of the patient table and X-ray tube column as it operates systems settings from anywhere in the examination room.