Remarkably sharp. Amazingly mobile.

Pristine images, automated functions, intelligent workflows – Aplio flex truly is as sharp as it looks. The system excels with unmatched mobility, high efficiency and imaging quality.

Loaded with smart imaging and workflow functions, Aplio flex is the ideal system to handle a wide variety of imaging needs in a busy clinic. Its versatile design ensures consistently high performance across the entire imaging portfolio.


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Meet the next generation of Aplio. Compact, smart, simple and ready to go to work.

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From every angle the compact, sleek system meets your needs for diagnostic precision, clinical versatility and freedom to ignite your potential.


Agile machine

Its compact form factor, lightweight and large easy-roll casters with convenient front handle make the system extremely maneuverable. Making it easier to access, and move around patient’s bed, small rooms or hospitals as needed.

Compact design

The compact footprint and the slimline design allow the system to easily fit into tight spaces such as the space behind a bed.

Programmable operation panel

The newly designed operation panel provides better access at your fingertips, making operation more intuitive and more productive. The mode-sensitive touch screen provides direct access to the relevant functions. The on-screen navigation for the central trackball boosts your workflow and efficiency, by guiding you through the exam.

Say hello to simple.

Aplio flex is quick and easy to use and offers many smart, time-saving functions for a fast and efficient workflow. It quickly connects you to your network and colleagues, just like it should.

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Auto IMT

Automated detection and measurement powered by AI helps you improve your workflow consistency and efficiency simply at the touch of a button.

Auto EF with GLS

While Aplio’s Protocol Assistant guides you through your workflow with a clear, easy-to-read menu, single-click functions such as Auto EF enable the examination to be carried out quickly and efficiently.


Ready to perform.

With its outstanding image quality, robust design and intelligent workflow, Aplio flex offers you rock-solid performance for all of your daily imaging tasks and beyond. Thanks to its uncompromising multipurpose design, the Aplio flex offers you consistently solid performance across the entire range of applications.

Aplio flex provides a variety of image optimization options from Canon’s high-end portfolio, enabling you to achieve optimal image quality.

Robust liver analysis made easy.


Clinicians may use attenuation coefficient (AC) for assessing and quantifying fatty liver disease. Attenuation Imaging (ATI) is a novel application for calculating and visualizing the mapping of ultrasound beam AC.

ATI trend graph

While automated abdominal wall suppression makes ATI even more robust, the new trend chart can help you monitor progress and follow-up.

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Light as a feather.

To better support medical staff in their daily tasks and address some of their challenges, such as musculoskeletal disorders, Aplio flex transducers have been specifically designed to be light and easy to handle.

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Remote connection

Scan it. Show it. Share it.

Communication and sharing in a modern world is increasingly important. Simple, intuitive tools make sharing fast and efficient.


With ApliGate, Canon ultrasound machines can give you remote access to real-time decision support for better and more targeted patient care.
In this way, ApliGate can help you to improve to teamwork and save costs, while delivering better diagnostic results.


The system’s Tricefy* option gives you direct access to cloud-based communication, image management and documentation.
With Tricefy, you can instantly share medical images and reports with referring doctors and patients.

* requires an additional third-party subscription and may not be available in all regions

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