Adora DRFi combines static and dynamic radiography with low dose fluoroscopy in one system. Enabling you to do all radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations and procedures in a single room, Adora DRFi helps you boost workflow efficiency and equipment utilization.

Complete remote control of the Adora DRFi is possible from the control room using the
ergonomic joystick and the remote user interface. Adora’s live monitor and exposure foot switch are helpful tools assisting you during in-room, tableside examinations. With the inControl console the radiologist gains complete mobile control in the examination room.

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The incorporation of a C-arm permits the region of interest to be observed from various angles. In addition, the combination of a 43cm × 43cm flat panel detector (FPD) provides a large image field for a wide variety of examinations. The new imaging technology “Super Noise Reduction Filter (SNRF)” has been adopted to improve visualization in fluoroscopy, which is of critical importance in many examinations. This system makes it possible to perform multidirectional imaging with a large image field and excellent image quality.

Collaborative imaging with AI

One of the keys to defeating tuberculosis is increasing the systematic and active detection of TB among the high-risk populations. To combat this threat effectively, mass screening is required to enable early detection followed by a quick response. But these high-risk populations reside especially in remote areas, due to the lack of health facilities and trained clinicians available.

To overcome this challenge, Oldelft Benelux has developed the OneStopTB clinic.

The complete screening solution Delft has developed for inaccessible areas is the OneStopTB clinic. OneStopTB is a tailor-made, mobile platform that combines digital X-ray, the detection software CAD4TB (Computer-Aided Detection for Tuberculosis) and GeneXpert’s GXP test. It provides a robust solution that is easily transported over both paved and unpaved roads to high-risk areas such as slums, mines or prisons for a periodical screening. The CAD4TB software, combined with teleradiology, allows for quality tuberculosis detection even in the absence of human experts.

Easy DR – Compact and robust 

The Easy DR system combines the advantages of a compact, easy to install system with proven Canon digital imaging technology. This extremely robust system can be installed in a mobile vehicle or in container which can be a major benefit for field deployable requirements. The versatile Easy DR is ideal for chest imaging but also suited for general radiography.

One-shot long-length imaging

Compared to conventional stitching, Canon’s unique one-shot long length solution provides faster exams with higher image quality and lower dose.  1 picture taken on 3 detectors at the same time. Less chance of motion blur. Higher precision in need of measurements.

More Radiology solutions

Interventional X-ray

When excellence means saving lives, you want a lab that can adapt to your needs. Canon Medical worked hand-in-hand with leading clinicians to design the industry’s most flexible systems.

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Computed Tomography

CT systems designed for patient’s safety and satisfaction with technology that meets your needs now and in the future.


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Magnetic Resonance

Canon Medical is transforming the MR patient experience. With the industry’s quietest noise reducation technology and wide bore, patients finally have options for a comfortable MR exam.

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Each of our unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality by reducing noise, strengthening signal and improving visualization.

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Diagnostic X-ray

Canon Medical provides industry leading dose management features to help reduce patient X-ray exposure, while optimizing image quality.

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Healthcare IT

Bringing context and clarity to patient data — in real time — Canon Medical’s enterprise imaging solutions help to see the whole picture.

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As the original equipment manufacturer, Secondlife is the ideal source for reliable refurbished imaging systems. Our refurbishment program is meticulous and demanding to meet the high standards of quality and reliability you can expect from Canon Medical.


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Under the intense pressure to manage costs, as a healthcare decision-maker you must make sure your diagnostic imaging systems are expertly customized to your organization. At Canon we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality equipment. Our products are built on industry-leading, reliable technology and are supported by a robust and comprehensive service program

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Collaborative imaging

Collaborative imaging is a concept that embodies our new mission. It unites multiple modalities and innovative clinical applications with integrated intelligence every step of the way. Our goal is simple: help our customers do their jobs better while improving patient outcomes and driving down costs. AI and data analytics are at the heart of helping to achieve this goal.

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