Portable Performance, Perfect for the Peloton

December 2, 2020

Technology helps ensure that the elite cyclists in Belgium’s Deceuninck Quick-Step Cycling Team (‘The Wolfpack’) receive the best medical advice, especially in the event of injury. Dr. Toon Cruyt (Head of Medical) comments on how Canon Medical’s Viamo sv7 portable Ultrasound scanner benefits team health.

With unique, specific and usually extreme conditions and pressures on top cyclists, high-quality medical imaging is essential to make fast, early and accurate diagnoses of any injuries or anomalies. Some injuries can put a cyclist out-of-action for the long-term if not treated swiftly, creating a large impact the rest of the peloton.

Compact state-of-the-art tool

Medical support needs to accommodate the physical remoteness of some of the locations and tight timeframes associated with professional cycling. Canon Medical’s Viamo sv7 portable Ultrasound scanner is a handheld device that is approximately the size of a tablet computer.

“Being able to use the scanner in a quick and efficient manner, at the point of care, wherever we are, can make a huge difference to a rider’s recovery,” said Dr. Cruyt.

Contributing scientific knowledge to planning

Medical imaging provides the Team medics with immediate insight to enable them to effectively and accurately manage the capabilities of the riders as they work through the season.  It can determine instantly if an injury requires specific treatment or is minor enough to continue cycling without long-term consequences.

“The Viamo has significantly evolved the way we look after the Team,” remarked Dr. Cruyt.

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