New Hybrid OR Boosts Treatment Possibilities in the North of Paris

March 11, 2020

Hybrid Interventional suites offer so many benefits in the clinical environment for specialists, patients and management that they are often on the development wish-list of many hospitals. And hybrid interventional techniques are part of a highly skilled expertise that will only advance in the future. Canon Medical’s Infinix-i Hybrid + is a market leading interventional system that offers outstanding performance in a wide variety of clinical scenarios.

In September 2018, the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital, in Paris, France, installed a hybrid operating room (OR) that features Canon Medical’s flagship, Infinix-i Hybrid, which has enabled the Hospital to significantly enhance its interventional capabilities. With the new suite, it has now emerged as one of Europe’s centers of excellence in interventional cardiovascular techniques.

With the Infinix-i Hybrid + the hospital can now boast about being one of Europe’s centers of excellence.”- Dr Jean-Michel Juliard, Interventional Cardiologist

With the Infinix-i Hybrid + room, we now have a suitable tool for all our medical and surgical specialists.” – Dr Quentin Pellenc, Vascular Surgeon

Core technology

The Infinix-i Hybrid + has a unique, double, ceiling mounted sliding C-arm and dedicated surgical Maquet Magnus table. These features enable the system to provide ultra- fast whole-body 3D coverage, free head access and a unique lateral C-arm stroke for better ergonomics, improved productivity and the highest quality 3D images from head-to-toe. The system also has many dose reduction tools – live zoom, spot fluoroscopy, Dose Tracking System (DTS) fluoro-roadmap, which are essential during complex aortic repair or mesenteric stenting, which can only be achieved using lateral views.

“We really appreciate the ergonomics of the room. The C-arm can be positioned in a multitude of angles, allowing combined approaches from femoral and upper body access during the same surgery. Furthermore, image quality is excellent, and the digital zoom is very useful for complex procedures, such as fenestrated and branched stent grafts,” said Dr Quentin Pellenc, Vascular Surgeon at the Hospital.
“The system enables us to perform all the structural interventional cardiology interventions, some of which we used to perform in a catheter lab, in a dedicated environment for cardiologists and anesthesiologists. The room is also an OR for simultaneous intervention of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in some complex procedures,” remarked Dr Jean-Michel Juliard, Interventional Cardiologist at the Hospital.

Unique capabilities

With the extensive capabilities of the Hybrid OR, the team at the Hospital have also been able to create some facilities for new clinical possibilities, such as a digestive stroke center in collaboration with the Gastroenterology and Digestive Surgery Departments. “This very specific activity is quite unique in France and is particularly adapted to the use of a hybrid room, such as the one provided by Canon Medical,” added Dr Pellenc.

The new facility has enabled the skilled specialist team at the Bichat-Claude Hospital to advance their expertise and emerge as pioneers in European cardiolovascular intervention.

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