Welcome to Canon Medical,
a subsidiary of Canon.

Canon Medical’s healthcare business is thriving, which is why Canon acquired us in 2016. We have several exciting milestones ahead with Canon, including a name change in January 2018.

Recent news coverage of our former parent company, Canon Corporation, has highlighted its ongoing financial trouble. While we are saddened by this news, it does not impact Canon Medical, as we are a subsidiary of Canon. Canon has a strong vision for building a world-class healthcare enterprise and we are certain that Canon Medical’s 100 year history and our “Made for Life” philosophy will continue to drive this company forward.

Financial Times: Last year, the Japanese tech giant Canon Inc. acquired Canon Medical Systems Corporation, a leading manufacturer and seller of medical imaging devices. The move propels Canon deep into the global healthcare market and promises a host of synergies for delivering world-class medical devices and solutions. Read more