Secondlife Refurbishing Program

As the original equipment manufacturer, Secondlife is the ideal source for reliable refurbished imaging systems. Our refurbishment program is meticulous and demanding to meet the high standards of quality and reliability you can expect from Canon Medical Systems. All main units considered for the Secondlife refurbishment program, undergo the same process of;careful selection, professional de-installation,  refurbishment, installation and after-sales support.

Vendor-independent trade-in 

Secondlife offers the possibility of trading-in pre-owned equipment, regardless of OEM. Pre-purchase inspection by our experts, will select pre-owned Canon Medical main units to include in our Secondlife refurbishment program.

Sourcing our equipment 

All Canon Medical Systems trade-in units will be de-installed by our certified de-installation team. The Secondlife refurbishment process starts at the equipment’s original site by test runs and status report by our de-installation team. After de-installation, the equipment is transferred to the European head office for refurbishment.

Quality and Service only Canon Medical Systems can deliver 

From sourcing pre-owned medical equipment to delivering refurbished and factory-certified scanners, Secondlife delivers a full-spectrum services ensuring best quality products and an outstanding customer experience. High quality is ensured by our factory-trained engineers and ISO-certified refurbishment program

The refurbishment process 

After disinfection of the main units, all parts and components undergo functional and technical tests according GRP standard.The equipment is cleaned, repaired and parts replaced to achieve OEM factory quality.

Upgrading and customization 

According to Canon Medical Systems refurbishment process, all main units will be upgraded to latest applicable software version. As the OEM tailor made configurations can be created to need of the end-users.

Quality control and delivery 

The refurbishment process is completed by an electrical safety tests and extensive quality control procedures to ensure OEM specifications.

The Secondlife logo is placed as a prove of quality. All refurbished equipment is delivered with standard OEM warranty.