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Canon’s extensive line of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment spans cutting-edge digital retinal imaging systems, optical coherence tomography systems, fully automatic Ref-Keratometers and Tonometers, as well as associated intuitive control software to enhance patient care.

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Imaging Solutions for a New Reality: Peripheral retinal imaging and AI in clinical practice

Background information: This unique event brings together renowned experts on retinal diseases and retinal imaging from all across Europe. They will address the unique product features that can change patient management. This webinar will increase your confidence while performing your daily routine with wide field OCT and AI functionality.
Learn from Prof. Paulo Stanga, Prof. Tariq Aslam and Prof. Giovanni Staurenghi how they use these devices in their daily practice to interpret the images and enhance their patient management.
Get practical tips from the examples demonstrated, to increase your diagnostic confidence.
Use this opportunity and participate in the live Q&A session lead by Dr. Sal Rassam to get the answers you need.

This webinar occurs now in the past. The recording is available. Click here to watch it now.

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The CR-2 AF is a Non Mydriatic Camera with extensive auto functions. Taking images with a Canon retinal camera has never been easier! Canon’s own EOS digital camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, has been adapted exclusively for Canon retinal cameras to offer optimal retinal imaging.

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CR-2 Plus AF

The CR-2 Plus AF is an Auto focusing Non Mydriatic Camera with Fundus AutoFluorescence (FAF). The FAF photography mode will provide information on changes of the retina that can’t be made visible with standard colour photography. It is equipped with a unique dedicated EOS digital camera for the highest image quality.

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The CX-1 is a Mydriatic Retinal Camera with full Non-Mydriatic functionality. Besides color photography, the CX-1 is equipped with high quality optical filters for FLUO, Red Free, Cobalt and standard even with FAF photography.

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The Canon TX-20 Full Auto Tonometer  measures the Intraocular Pressure (IOP) with an extremely soft air puff. It has an advanced intelligent 3D fully automated operation that makes operating the instrument extremely simple; just press the button.

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Two in one, tonometer and pachymeter in a single instrument.

Information about the actual corneal thickness is important because without, it can mask accurate readings of IOP and delay diagnosis of glaucoma. Unless taken into account, thicker corneas contribute to overestimation of IOP values and thinner corneas to underestimation.

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Xephilio OCT-A1

For outstanding performance and exceptional ease of use you can rely on every day, look no further than Xephilio OCT-A1. Superior image quality and a host of automated features optimize and simplify your examinations, while the system’s high scanning speed enables short examination times, increasing your efficiency and your patients’ comfort.

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Xephilio OCT-S1

With Xephilio OCT-S1 Canon introduces revolutionary swept source technology allowing you to capture wide-field images of up to 23 mm in a single scan. Xephilio OCT-S1 enables superior penetration of dense objects and provides outstanding tomographic images.

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The RK-F2 has an advanced 3D Full Auto alignment and measurement system . Getting results is as easy as pressing one button, simply align roughly on the pupil and initiate the measurement. The advanced intelligent automatic operation will take over, alignment and measurement on both eyes will be done completely automatically, even the print-out is automatic.

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