Give your patients a greater sense of freedom

The MR theater encourages patients to relax and stay still, enabling clinicians to produce stable, high-quality imaging

MR Theater is available on

Vantage Galan 3T

Vantage Orian

Vantage Titan

Introducing the in-bore innovative virtual experience for enhanced patient comfort. The MR Theater gives patients a visual focal point to distract them from their MR exam.

The MR Theater projects peaceful, virtual reality images onto a dome-shaped screen inside the bore. The images move with the patient table for a continuous display, helping clinicians address some of the biggest challenges they face with MR imaging—claustrophobia and patient anxiety. By putting patients at ease, clinicians can complete MR exams quickly and capture the high-quality images they need for accurate diagnosis and treatment, all while increasing patient satisfaction.

Relaxation movies

With the MR Theater, the patient can forget they are inside the bore and enjoy relaxing scenes of nature while they are being scanned.