Robust assessment of the Myocardial Perfusion in the fetus can easily be obtained using MPI/TDI.

Increase your confidence, expand your capability

Early detection and reliable characterization of findings help optimizing your patients’ clinical pathway. Aplio’s extensive suite of advanced imaging and quantification functions can help you get definite answers quickly and with confidence.

For a more comprehensive evaluation, Aplio’s Smart Fusion option allows you display the live ultrasound image in sync with pre-loaded MR, CT or previously acquired ultrasound data.

Aplio’s comprehensive strain elastography suite with raw data functionality assists you in localizing and assessing palpable masses with high accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility.

Aplio provides a wealth of tools to improve visualization of complex anatomy in 2D and volumetric formats, also in combination with advanced imaging modes such as Shadow Glass, SMI or elastography.

Soar through cavities, ducts and vessels with FlyThru. Similar to virtual endoscopy, the tool allows you to explore lesions and masses and to plan interventional procedures.