Cassette Sized FPD

TFD-2010A: With increasing demands placed on declining resources, elevating performance and productivity in today’s radiographic environment is no longer an option. That’s why Canon’s new portable flat panel detector (FPD) delivers more power and provides more standard features that any other FPD in its class. The FPD adopts the standard 43 cm x 36 cm cassette-size, permitting easy installation in existing radiographic systems.

Arm Rest

Broad range of clinical applications

Enjoy the flexibility of doing out-of-Bucky work with the convenience of a 43 cm x 36 cm portable detector.

Optimal images with superior processing power

Many of the image optimization features can eliminate post-processing after exposure, saving time during an examination.

Seamless IT integration and optimized workflow

Canon’s portable FPD is designed to embrace open network standards to facilitate easy integration in the widest variety of network environments. Canon’s portable FPD combined with a RADREX system complies with DICOM standards to ensure efficient communication between networked systems.