Trauma DR Plus features:

  • Large area of X-ray coverage
  • Source Detector Distance: 135cm
  • Slimline 55cm positioning arm assembly width
  • High patient throughput capability
  • Easily positioned for horizontal beam lateral imaging
  • Large, clear interactive tubehead display
  • Free adjustment of the X-ray beam projection angle
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Motor-assisted vertical movements
  • Automatic Exposure Control
  • Integrated Dose Area Product (DAP) meter
  • Removable anti-scatter grid
  • Removable Wireless DR Detector for increased versatility
  • RIS-integrated workflo
  • Powered by Canon

Consistent Low Dose Results

Thanks to the built-in Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), the Trauma DR Plus always guarantees an optimal level of exposure and the minimum radiation dose to the patient.

High Workflow Efficiency

After extensive clinical study, Trauma DR Plus image receptor / X-ray tube support positioning arm has been optimised with a source detector distance of 135cm and with an overall width minimised to a slim 55cm. This allows easy and fast positioning which, in combination with super-fast Canon DR imaging, results in quicker examination completion times. The wide range of Trauma DR Plus movements allows the positioning arm to be used for precise and easily maneuvered horizontal beam projections, resulting in stress-free lateral imaging without having to move the patient.

Trauma DR Plus guarantees an optimal level of exposure and the minimum radiation dose

A Light Touch For Fast Results

The bright and responsive touchscreen user-interface located on the X-ray tubehead not only allows access to patient details and exposure parameter adjustments but also provides image display right at the patient side. Motorised tube support height adjustment places the screen quickly in the ideal position for all users.

Positioning Versatility

Equipped with multiple centres of rotation the Trauma DR Plus allows freedom of movements at almost any angle and plane. This means that whatever the trauma situation, Trauma DR Plus will produce the images required without compromising patient stability.

Effortless Laterals

In trauma situations, maintaining a stable and secure patient position is essential. Trauma DR Plus moves effortlessly around the patient to achieve optimum projection angles including smooth, fast positioning for horizontal beam laterals and they benefit from the use of AEC too!