Canon’s vision for the welfare of your patients extends beyond the scan room.

Patient comfort and ease of use have been in the forefront during the design of the Aquilion ONE. Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and unique hybrid drive technology contribute to the wellbeing of future generations.

ONE Gantry

Canon’s Medical Division has drawn on the experience and expertise of Canon Corporation’s many advanced technologies to develop the revolutionary Aquilion ONE gantry. Routinely rotating at 0.350 seconds per rotation the Aquilion ONE delivers a high level of precision and image quality. The gantry is designed to even handle faster rotation speeds and can be upgraded to Aquilion ONE ViSION level.

A wide 78 cm open bore ensures even the largest of patients remain at ease during scanning. This design also offers superior patient access to physicians during interventional procedures.

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ONE Table

The Aquilion ONE tabletop has been engineered for comfort for your patients, and ease of positioning for your technologists. The industry’s widest table top ensures a feeling of extra security for your patients during positioning and scanning.

Tech Assist Lateral Slide is another Canon first providing the technologist unparalleled ease in positioning patients without physical strain.

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ONE Hybrid

The hybrid drive converts energy during deceleration of the gantry and generates electricity that is recycled to power gantry components. A thoughtful design feature that minimizes power consumption and reduces carbon footprint.

The Aquilion ONE represents Canon Corporation’s commitment to the environment and is certified as “Environmentally Conscious Product”.

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Do more in less time using advanced reconstruction and visualization technology designed to streamline workflow and shorten time to diagnosis. Integration of a suite of advanced technologies ensures that high throughput can be maintained while delivering consistent, high-quality examinations.


Powerful reconstruction architecture delivers at a maximum rate of 50 images per second, permitting the routine use of AIDR 3D iterative reconstruction technology in any fast paced environment.

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Multi View allows all reconstruction parameters to be pre-programmed into every examination protocol. Axial, coronal and sagittal reconstructions are performed automatically without a single mouse click. Even rendering options such as thick slab MIP images can be automatically generated expediting time to diagnosis. Simply plan the scan and go!

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In 2004, Canon was the first manufacturer to deliver realtime image reconstruction. Second generation InstaView technology provides near-instant display and review now with full resolution images. High-quality realtime image review is perfectly suited for the emergency patient, where every second to diagnosis counts.

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Save time and storage space with Canon’s hybrid reconstruction kernels. These newly introduced iterative reconstruction algorithms provide sharp lungs and excellent soft tissue resolution in one image. Reading times are shortened as you only need to concentrate on a single series to make a definitive diagnosis.

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