Aplio’s unique iStyle™+ productivity suite provides you with a full host of technologies that offer ergonomic relief by reducing keystrokes, improving workflow and raising the consistency of exams. A smaller, lighter form gives you greater maneuverability while the fully configurable console and intelligent workflow support functions enable faster exams and greater productivity.

Aplio 400’s compact design with height-adjustable console and fully articulating monitor arm enables you to create an ergonomic work environment in virtually any clinical setting. The system’s premium LCD screen with four-axis arm can move and swivel into perfect position for better viewing and to protect you from neck, shoulder and eye strain.

3D multifunctional keys

Aplio’s 3D multifunctional keys offer four degrees of freedom for outstanding usability. Their mode-sensitive function is fully programmable and displayed in the adjacent touch screen in an easy-to-understand manner.

Quick Start clinical settings

Changing presets during an exam can disrupt your workflow, because system settings need to be optimized from scratch. The fully programmable Quick Start menu allows you to adjust only the relevant parameter set at a single touch of a button.

QuickScan image optimization

QuickScan allows you to achieve greater consistency in your exams by ensuring that superb image quality is the benchmark at all times. With a simple push of a button you can automatically optimise image quality in 2D and spectral Doppler modes.

Quick Assist protocols

Aplio’s protocol assistant provides a reliable method to ensure that the same exam is performed from patient to patient. Once activated the tool automatically launches a clear, easy-to-read on-screen menu that will guide you through your exam.

Managing study data

Managing your study data

Aplio’s fully integrated patient and image management system allows you to review and manage your studies conveniently on-board before sending them to PACS for reporting or archiving, including image and raw data as well as structured reports. And if a study is not performed in the exact order, Aplio’s shuffle feature allows you to place the images into the correct order before sending it to PACS for reading.

Exporting your clinical data

Exporting your clinical data

Aplio ships standard with a DVD writer and USB connection for study documentation and data export. The unit can be equipped with integrated medical printers or a DVD recorder for on-board study documentation. A digital video interface is available to connect your Aplio to external devices such as additional monitors.

Reporting options

Reporting options

Aplio provides comprehensive onboard facilities allowing you to semi-automatically generate reports including measurements, charts, clinical images, as well as text. Reports are customizable to meet your department’s standards and formats. If you prefer to do your reporting offline, we offer a wide range of workstation and connectivity solutions.


Our external workstation solution gives you full access to your clinical data and diagnostic tool set wherever and whenever needed. With embedded raw data functionality and a host of clinical tools you can review, analyze, report and archive your data quickly and easily.