A scalable solution to exactly match your needs

The Retinal Expert (RX) ophthalmic software platform ranges from stand-alone installations to server-based multi-access solutions, combining Canon’s retinal cameras and OCTs. The multi-modality platform is designed for seamless integration into your existing EMR system or practice management software.

With comprehensive anonymization tools, central account and user management, as well as advanced logging capabilities, Canon’s RX software is fully compliant with the GDPR. The software protects the privacy of your patients and allows you to properly document your studies.

Stand alone

The RX software is fully integrated with Xephilio OCT-A1 and enables capture, review and reporting. In stand-alone mode it also serves as a database including archiving.

Viewing station

Viewing stations allow you to access all patient data for review and reporting from remote locations while the database remains on the systems

Server solution

With the RX server solution, you can connect multiple modalities and viewers while storing all images and patient data on a centralized server.